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Aged B+ leads are mortgage protection direct mail forms that were filled out 6 to 12 months ago. Why would you buy aged leads?  Many prospects do not pick up the phone when they initially fill out the forms and many agents do not call them back, hence they often don't end up getting a protection policy.  Also, some inexperienced agents try and sell clients policies that are inappropriate for the client's needs or outside of their budget.  Both of these reasons make these "second chance" leads for us to call and potentially help a family get protection that was previously overlooked.


Please not that these leads have been issued to agents in the past and are not exclusive.  You should expect a 10% conversion to sale ratio, which is reflected in reduced the cost of the lead.  


Price:  $8.00 each*



*see cc fees and minimum quantities to the right

Mortgage Protection B+ Leads

  • Minimum quantity purchase:  10

    3.35% Credit Card Fee added to items

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