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mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage protection insurance, depending on how it is structured, provides funds to pay for a mortgage for months or years or completely payoff the whole mortgage balance.  This can be done using a term policy (10, 15, 20 or 30 yr), a whole life policy or a an IUL.  We can add a living benefits rider which allows the insured to accelerate the death benefit in the case of a critical or chronic illness, supplying much needed funds to replace income or pay for undue medical expenses.  Lastly, one of the most desirable features of this coverage is that we can structure the plan to have ROP (return of premium) which means that if the client does not use any of the coverages during the term of the plan, all the premiums paid will be returned in full (in the case of IUL there possibly could be more than just the premiums paid). 


  • 10, 15, 20, 30 yr

  • Coverage from $25k to $2mil

  • Living benefit available

  • Return of premium available

  • Simplified issue available


Target market:

  • 30 y/o to 50 y/o

  • New and existing homeowner

  • Refinancing homeowner


Avg premium:  $75 to $150 per mo

final expense insurance

Final expense insurance covers final costs incurred when someone passes away.  These can be as simple as cremation expenses, but can extend to paying for burial, travel, final celebrations, dinners, etc in celebrating the life of a loved one.  The key element is to have providers that can approve clients instantly and quickly over the phone or zoom.  So, simplified issue policies are the most effective in achieving this expedited decision process.  The client answers a series of health based questions, as well as agrees to a light review of their medical, prescription and DMV records.  Should these reviews pass the approval process, then a policy will issued either immediately or within 24 to 48 hours.  


  • Whole life level coverage

  • Coverage from $5k to $50k

  • Simplified issue/Instant decision

  • Guaranteed issue available

Target market

  • 50 y/o to 80 y/o

  • Senior markets

  • Uninsurable clients

  • Single and Married programs


Avg premium:  $75 to $ 250 per mo

tax free retirement

Permanent life insurance provides lifelong coverage and can be used as a retirement income strategy or college funding plan. Permanent life insurance has a lot more features, including tax-deferred cash accumulation and accelerated benefit riders where you can access your coverage amount for severe or long-term illnesses or disabilities.

You can spend the money on whatever you need and still have a death benefit that covers your beneficiaries when you pass. We provide a best-of-both-worlds experience where your loved ones are covered in the future while you build wealth today for a future of your own.



  • Level and Increasing coverage 

  • Coverage from $50k to $5 mil

  • Non Med up to $1 mil benefit and under 60 years old

  • Many riders available to customize plan

Target market

  • 25 y/o to 55 y/o

  • Parents for children's savings plans

  • People already saving for retirement

  • Can be used as a Mortgage Protection Plan


Avg premium:  $100 to $10,000

Debt Elimination

For individuals who are paying their bills on time and contribute to a savings or retirement account, Debt Free Life is a modern way to pay off your debt using the cash value of a specialized whole life insurance policy.

Using our exclusive software, your certified Debt Free Life consultant will generate a personalized debt elimination report showing you how and when to pay off each debt.

Extra funds are redirected into the cash value of your policy. Now, your money will accrue guaranteed interest and annual dividends.

Using the money in the cash value of your policy, you will begin to pay off the principal balance of your debts. By borrowing money from yourself, you can pay off your debts faster and reduce interest owed to banks and lenders

Once your debts are paid off, you can use your policy funds for large purchases, retirement, or a child’s education.

living trust & estate planning

Completed Legal Documents

We will provide you with complete estate planning documents, including a simple revocable living trust, pour-over wills for both spouses, durable financial power of attorneys, and health care documents including medical directives/ living wills, health care power of attorneys, and intent to return letters.


Completely Mobile/ Virtual

We provide you with assistance and support with complete COVID-19 compliance, and can generally be done remotely within a 30-60 minute Zoom or telephone call with an experienced planning consultant or attorney. This means that all assistance and support can be done from the convenience of your home in accordance with your schedule.


Mobile Notarization

Once the legal documents are finalized, we schedule a meeting for you with a notary to assist you in signing the documents. All notary fees are included in the cost of this plan. Notaries are compliant with the COVID-19 safety guidelines, and if needed, signings can be done virtually in some states.


Deed Preparation

We assist you in preparing transfer documents for your primary residence. Once completed and signed, we can assist in filing those documents with the county recorder (county recording fees are not included). Additional real estate transfers can be completed for $100 per property.

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